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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Nickname:AngelCynder; CynailFemale/United States Groups :icondreamrayverns: DreamRayverns
Cyngels Dream Rayverns Cynail
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Check out whats new, I been posting lately!


More coming soon!
I am still finishing the set up here, please feel free to request below on what you like. Please contact me first, do not sent me the points until I say! ^ ^
Crawly's Egg Custom
Crawly Egg custom Icon by CynderAngelDWOship14
Crawlys refence CLOSED SPECIES! UPDATE by CynderAngelDWOship14
I am selling Crawly Custom eggs! You can make your very own custom Crawly for free now! I only allow 2 slots though. Please check out the group and the rules before requesting this or making your Crawly. Please also note that Screeches breeds are only available at this time! The right side is the Screeches, if you need help with customizing your Crawly, I'll be happy to help you out for free! If you do not have a Crawly, please buy one as they are new and ready to be use for the group and so on. :squee:  More information here or contact me if you have questions:  CyngelCrawly 
Rayvernslot Budge
Rayvernslot budege by CynderAngelDWOship14
Reached to your limit with Dream Rayvern? Buy a Rayvernslot Budge! Gives you 5 more slots! Choose from either 20 or 50 points! Please sent the 20 points in the donation pool, if you prefer to give me 20 points instead. ( You start off with 2 free slots! )
Please check my group before making and requesting to make a Dream Rayvern.

Artwork drawing Traditional artwork
Loving yourself is away to happyiness by CynderAngelDWOship14
Kawcaw angry by CynderAngelDWOship14
Ghostbar former form by CynderAngelDWOship14
New ID for DA by CynderAngelDWOship14
 Artwork digital of your OC/OF/Sona or whatever you like to call yours, is accepted. Update: I will accept fanart of my own characters along with yours.

Please feel free to choose which you want, 50p or 100p? Please also note not to sent them yet. Please read my Journal about this before proceeding! Commissions and Crawly's!

Speak to me if you wish to give me 50 points, just use the donation to do this. Please don't give me the points yet, until I say. Thank you!
Artwork digital icon
Crawly's Token Point by CynderAngelDWOship14
Crawly Egg custom Icon by CynderAngelDWOship14
Ghost of me self by CynderAngelDWOship14
 Artwork digital icon. I'm not really that good, when comes to small size with the canvas...But! I will try my best!

I only have these best examples I can show, but please browse my artwork to see more of my work.

Speak to me if you wish to give me 15p, just use the donation to do this. Please don't give me the points yet, until I say. Thank you!
Artwork digital landscapes
The journey continues by CynderAngelDWOship14
This one here, is my best one! I will upload more very soon with improvements!

Speak to me, if you wish to give me 50p instead! Do not sent them yet, until I say so.
Traditional art
When we were babies by CynderAngelDWOship14
Thero Feature plans sketch by CynderAngelDWOship14
Jawspine Crawly feature plans sketch by CynderAngelDWOship14
The Flyers feature plans sketch by CynderAngelDWOship14
The moon and sun of my world by CynderAngelDWOship14
Astre the first every baby Crawly by CynderAngelDWOship14
You can choose 50p instead or 20p, or if you want to go with the optional price. Please do not sent me the points until I say!


CynderAngelDWOship14 has started a donation pool!
200 / 30,000
Feel free to support me by donating points, so I can pay things, I need on for my dream goals.

Every points helps me out, and helps me improve on my works that I do, as well supporting me and my life.

All the points will be saved for good purposes, never wasted!

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Nickname:AngelCynder; Cynail
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, my name is Cynail, but I go by AngelCynder or CynderAngel mostly. I have a split personality which is hard for me sometimes, ( sometimes also mostly.Depends.)
I have been drawing ever since I was very little, but how I really got into drawing was, I believe, I was 4 years old? when I really got into drawing. My first drawing was a dragon cause I was playing a classic spyro game and that is when I created Angel which is my first creation of mine that I had created when I was little. When I got a little older, I started drawing more with dinosaurs and dragons and I have been improving them, since I have been drawing every since that time.
Since I was 7 years old, I wanted to be an author and a game designer and own my very own store, that time I went out side and draw for the first time my game ideas that I had in mind and I put them in my game design folder so I wouldn't lost them, this was around night time when I thought of my future and what I wanted to do with my life.
I started drawing because of my Uncle David he was a very good artist and I wanted to draw like he did, but when I was 9 years old he had past away. When I turned 14 years old, I made up my own fantasy world because I wasn't happy as much as I am now, I then gotten into animation and I try to animate when I was still 14 years old. Then later on when I was 19 years old, I started to draw my OC for the first time and I named her Cnder which I gotten from a dream of mine, it was a really cool dream though strange is, I don't remember what happen in that dream, all I could remember was her.
Since I was 7 years old, I have always been trying to follow my dreams. I still love to draw and make my own creations since I was a child. I hope you follow and enjoy my work through out the years, I am always looking for supporters that support my work and me, if you happen to enjoy my work and my creations it will help me a lot if you follow me on my social networks, including Deviant art.
You can follow me here;

Follow CynderAngel on:





And many more to come!

If you think my name is not really Cynail, your right that is just what I go by at this time. Please note that my real name is not important as I plan to change my first name to Cynail in the future, as I created that name myself and it also fits me better then the name I have right now.( Please also note that I did not know this word did existed at this time, I find it out about it later on when I was searching to see if someone had used it before, which it does exist. However it does not have a meaning and no body uses it as a real name, not yet anyway.)

Also I appreciate those to keep stuff to themselves, I do not tolerate insults from people and think they know everything when they don't, this especially includes on my creations

*Important Information!~* Please read here!*
(I got this idea from my friends, but made this my own creative way instead.)
*Ownership claim!*
All my art and my creations are protected and registered by…
You may not use any of my characters,forms, ocs etc without my permission!
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
For more information what I do, and such. Please check out my journal, thank you for reading.
- Journal -
* Warning! Being rude etc!
If you are being mean, or giving me nothing but drama you will be blocked immediately! I will not read any further of your comments, or messages if it haves to do with rude or judgemental, this includes even drama it's self. I have no time for such childish games with people like this. I grown tired and been through shit mostly of my life and I will not waste my time ever again on such stupidity and nonsense! My life is more important then peoples idiotic crap And their will not be any warnings either! I have confirm this and is my final last straw!

Thank you for reading.
Hello guys, I wanted to let all of you know, that I just created a new group, and these are my kind of dragons that I made up which is what my dragons are.
Also I gotten this idea for the new species thing, since I had mention this before that I wanted to make a new species when really I could of done this sooner, my good friend RainbowGuppy1 had helped me with coming up with this idea.

Its still in worked in progress and I did just started with it a minute ago, but you are welcome to comment if you wish to create your own! I am at this moment working on its bio sheet, and those who are wondering it will be free to use but their is a limit however. ( Meaning if you wish to make another, you'll have to pay points for it.) I am still deciding how many free slots their should be but for now please feel free to check out my new group! They will be focus on only character creations mainly and the group will be focus on only creativity, meaning no copying etc! It must be your own artwork and design that you came up yourself! I went across this one group and it made me realized that people need to start being creative their way, not copying etc. This is a good way for others to be creative and had fun on their creation, their will be guides on how to make your own etc. Just as well for Crawly's I will work on them soon, as soon I am done getting my Dream Rayverns started! :la: You can check out the group here!
You are welcome to watch as you wait till the group developers more! Thanks for reading!
P.s I am doing much better lately.
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